Meet the New Jeep Wrangler

Meet the newest generation Jeep Wrangler. While all of us here at Milford Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram agree that the Wrangler JK – which is still available – was and still is a fantastic, fun, and capable SUV, we also agree that the newest-gen Wrangler definitely has some aces up its sleeve that make it both worth the wait, and worth the price.

What’s New Since Last Year?


The all-new Wrangler features a bounty of changes from last year’s JK model. These include:


  • Larger headlights encased in a new trapezoidal grille setting with market lights having been moved to the front bumper
  • Bent grille that improves airflow and efficiency
  • Vents inside the front hood and vents on the front fenders, in addition to new hood latches help mitigate hood-flutter, especially when off-roading
  • Aluminum body components all around, including an aluminum hood and doors and aluminum windshield
  • Rear liftgate made of aluminum outside and magnesium inside to make it both stronger and lighter than before
  • Backup camera available that sits inside the center of spare tire
  • Jeep logo rests in the fore of the front doors, recalling Jeep models past
  • Available freedom hardtop that is 20% lighter than the JK’s thanks to advanced new polycarbonate, plus a new premium soft top option
  • Larger rear driver and passenger side windows, plus a larger rear window for increased visibility
  • Shorter overall length making for better departure angle and increased off-roading prowess
  • Improved rear seat for two-door models with more leg room, extra USB ports, and heater ducts


Contact Us Today to Learn More!

Don’t take our word for all the above facts and statistics, instead check out our new Jeep Wrangler inventory. When you’ve found a Wrangler that catches your eye, give us a call today at (570) 800-2004 so we can help you book an appointment to experience this new Wrangler model from the best place possible: behind the wheel!

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