Newton, NJ Area Drivers Can Take Advantage of a Terrific Selection of New Jeep Compass Models at Milford Chrysler Sales!

Enjoy tremendous comfort and capability on and off the roads around Newton, NJ in the new Jeep Compass! The Compass is designed to provide you with an affordable and stylish new Jeep brand SUV that excels both around town and when the going gets rough. At Milford Chrysler Sales, we offer a terrific selection of new Jeep Compass models to choose from, only a short drive from Newton, and with a terrific performance, well-equipped cabin and affordable loan and lease options, we're sure that we can help you drive home to Newton in the Compass model that's right…

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Take Full Advantage of Your Surroundings on the Roads Around Warwick in the New Jeep Cherokee!

Whether you're looking for a new daily commuter or you want to embrace your favorite outdoor activities by taking your adventures off road, for the best of both worlds we welcome you to check out our terrific selection of new Jeep Cherokee models near Warwick at Milford Chrysler Sales! The new Jeep Cherokee is engineered to provide you with a more comfortable and connected experience behind the wheel, offering spacious seating for five, plenty of cargo space and state of the art technology to make every outing around Warwick more convenient and enjoyable. 

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New Jeep Renegade Models in Milford, PA at Milford Chrysler Sales!

If you're in need of a new SUV and you want to take full advantage of the utility that's promised with the name, look no further than our wide selection of new Jeep Renegade models in Milford, PA at Milford Chrysler Sales! The Jeep Renegade is designed to provide you with the same legendary Jeep brand capability when you need it while also providing you with a comfortable, feature heavy and convenient driving experience around town, allowing you to take full advantage of all of the fun and excitement that's to be had around the Milford area…

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Compare Your Options for a New Ram Truck Near Newton, NJ

Not all trucks perform the same, and this is evidenced even within the lineup of a singular brand. Take Ram trucks as an example. While the Ram 1500 is commonly used for hauling heavy personal cargo like boats and ATVs, the Ram Heavy Duty is a more popular choice for drivers working in commercial fields like construction and agriculture. Their characteristics naturally vary, and that is why we urge shoppers around Warwick, Branchville, and Montague Township areas to compare models side by side before deciding on buying a new Ram truck near Newton, New Jersey.


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Browse Deals on New Ram Trucks in Milford, PA.

Shopping around Newton, Warwick, and surrounding areas for a new pickup truck? Then let Milford Chrysler Sales lend you a hand. As a dealer affiliated with the Ram brand, you can expect to find the newest options for sale and lease on our lot. Thanks to our discounts, prices are reasonable too, so do not wait! Get your new Ram in Milford, Pennsylvania, by visiting our dealership today!

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Find the Perfect Kind of Ram Truck Here in Milford, PA

There are plenty of truck options out there for drivers from Warwick, NY and Newton, NJ. But if you want the best of the best, choose from our amazing selection of new Ram trucks, providing you with several options and different configurations based on your needs. Whether you need a strong work truck for heavy hauling and towing, or if you're looking for an off-road warrior, any of our Ram 1500, 2500 or 2500 will exceed your expectations. Visit our Milford, PA Ram truck dealership ...


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The 2018 Dodge Challenger: Unparalleled, Record-Setting Performance

The 2018 Dodge Challenger, in its various trim levels and model variants, has forever altered the world of muscle cars. The Dodge Demon, a top-level variant of the 2018 Dodge Challenger, set records and dropped jaws across the world as the highest g-force achieved by a production car, highest horsepower of a production car, first wheelie performed by a production car, fastest 0-60 by a production car and fastest quarter mile by a production car were all set by this monstrous vehicle. 

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Cars Need Spring Cleaning and Fix-Ups Too!

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Winter is wrapping up, and we all know what that means: cleaning. While our staff may not be able to help you tidy up your house and garage, they are more than ready to help you have your car running like you bought it yesterday. You won't find a team of technicians that is more committed to ensuring your car is running like it's supposed to, so schedule an appointment and look through our service specials here!

Milford Chrysler Sales is the first place to stop whether you're taking a sports car out of winter hibernation or…

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